Genius I E-mini Nasdaq

Genius I revised for 2020 volatility

We reviewed the trading cycle in the last year for Genius E-mini S&P and E-mini Nasdaq. Most commercial systems have time periods when they work and time periods when performance is lateral or inferior.

The performance in the last 12 months in this strategy is almost very good but it has been revised so that it does not stop intraday trading with the volatility never seen that year 2020.

Could you continue with the strategy if after 7 months you had not made any progress or profit?

Even when negotiating short-term strategies, you must have a long-term vision. There is no uniform distribution of earnings on a monthly basis for a single strategy and it is almost impossible to “time” when a strategy should change.

The only approach we recommend is to swap a portfolio of strategies. Genius I is just one of many strategies in our portfolios.